Hi there, I’m Dominica

I could tell you that I am a herbalist, nutritionist, plant-based chef, health educator…

or simply say that I am the Wellness Alchemist combining all I know in the realm of natural health to help you thrive.

What I Offer

Wholistic Health Clinic & Education?

Yes, because changing the way I eat saved my life… literally… And herbs helped me feel better than ever. I believe in the power of nature and what she has to offer to help us thrive. That’s why I created Wellness Alchemy, to support you in getting your health back. 


Skincare company?

Yes, because I had enough of seeing products with completely unnecessary and often harmful ingredients. 
That’s why, with my husband, we created Surrey Organics – the only UK skincare & herbal wellness brand with all products achieving at least 91.75%% organic status. 

Vegan Cooking book?

Yes, because my husband and I love cooking together, and we were both tired seeing overcomplicated recipes calling for many ingredients.

When we very first started cooking together it did not take us long to realise that we both just flowed working in the kitchen. Our ideas just complimented each other’s and we soon found, it was a place for us to grow together and deepen our relationship and we certainly had lots of fun in the process and continue to do so. There is something special about creating magic in the kitchen with the one you love.

And now we want to share that passion with YOU and make you fall in love with all the delights that vegetables & fruits have to offer. That’s why we wrote “Greenlicious Cookbook”. 

Business and marketing mentoring for health practitioners?

Yes, because if I didn’t have previous experience when starting my practice, I wouldn’t even know where to start.
I started my first business at the age of 19, so I can offer you 20 years of experience. Interested?


My companies are built on a bedrock of love and high integrity, a passion for wholistic health and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

I invite you to connect and explore how I can help you.


Clinic | Training & Education | Consulting

Organic Skincare

Business & Marketing Mentoring 
for Complementary Medicine Practitioners

‘Greenlicious Cookbook’
Simply Vegan – Simply Delicious – Simply Novel 

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