Hi there, I’m Dominica

I could tell you that I am a herbalist, nutritionist, plant-based chef, health educator…

or simply say that I am the Wellness Alchemist combining all I know in the realm of natural health to help you thrive.

What I Offer

Wholistic Health Clinic & Education?

Yes, because changing the way I eat saved my life… literally… And herbs helped me feel better than ever. I believe in the power of nature and what she has to offer to help us thrive. That’s why I created Wellness Alchemy, to support you in getting your health back. 


Skincare company?

Yes, because I had enough of seeing products with completely unnecessary and often harmful ingredients. 
That’s why, with my husband, we created Surrey Organics – the only UK skincare & herbal wellness brand with all products achieving at least 91.75%% organic status. 

Business and marketing mentoring for health practitioners?

Yes, because if I didn’t have previous experience when starting my practice, I wouldn’t even know where to start.
I started my first business at the age of 19, so I can offer you 20 years of experience. Interested?


My companies are built on a bedrock of love and high integrity, a passion for wholistic health and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

I invite you to connect and explore how I can help you.


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organic skincare and wellbeing

Business & Marketing Mentoring 
for Complementary Medicine Practitioners

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