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10 Steps to Grow and Scale Your Holistic Health Business Effortlessly

Wednesday, 20th April, 7pm (GMT)


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What’s holding you back from getting your practice off the ground?

Does finding clients seem to be a massive hurdle?

Do you feel overwhelmed by marketing, social media, pricing your services or finance planning?

So many wonderful holistic practitioners struggle with business and marketing. They don’t operate to their full potential, because they don’t know where to start, they never had a business before, so they are often scared about all the legalities, marketing, planning, finances, pricing of their products and services… the list is endless.

Business and marketing lectures are stripped to a minimum and kept very basic or don’t even exist at all within the complementary medicine courses taught at the university or college level. If I didn’t have a marketing background, I wouldn’t even know where to start after graduating.

Why should you learn from me?

I come from a marketing and business management background and I have been running multiple businesses since early 2000 when I launched my first company at the age of 19. After moving from Poland to London, I started my own marketing agency and run it for over 10 years.

This experience helped me tremendously to launch my nutrition and herbal medicine business a few years ago and now I would love to share this experience with fellow practitioners, as the world needs us more than ever.

What you will learn

During the Remarkable Practitioner Masterclass, you will learn some crucial steps to help you create a simple yet effective marketing plan for your holistic business.

  • Recognise the main reason why so many practitioners cannot get a steady flow of clients
  • Find out why having a business model that aligns to your financial and lifestyle goals should be your long term strategy
  • Understand different marketing methods available to you and how to choose the right ones for you and your business
  • Understand the process of packaging and pricing your products and services, using referrals to ensure a regular income

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